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23-May-2016 20:31

In my experience, Bumble profiles seem to be more intellectual and men post better-looking photos (this could perhaps be due to an attempt to appeal to a more modern woman who doesn’t expect men to make the first move.

I matched with a man the same age as me who mentioned 420 in his profile: “surf, skate, snow, outdoors lifestyle but I am responsible and have my shit together! Coffee 420 rarely drink.” It turns out he is a daily smoker, super fit, and very nice.

We’re capitalizing on that connection, and creating the type of event that Cannabis Friendly Singles have been waiting for.

At the Inaugural Singles Speakeasy, use cannabis to quickly connect with other commitment-minded Singles, all while enjoying a breathtaking rooftop setting with the freedom for valid medicinal cannabis card holders to recreate with cannabis in comfort.

Popular free apps Tinder, Bumble, and Ok Cupid promise connections with eligible men and women, but connections don’t always lead to successful dates.

While mainstream dating app profiles divulge moderately personal information and provide search settings to narrow down the playing field to potential matches (e.g.

Bumble is an app that explicitly lets the women make the first move.

“A win win for both genders,” it’s exactly like Tinder but the women are in charge, getting the exclusive 24-hour right to message someone they mutually connect with.

Have you ever experienced that awkward first date when you realize that not everyone is down with vaping skunk at a candlelit dinner?

Finding love isn’t easy (especially in Los Angeles) and it’s even more complicated when cannabis is part of your life.

When you find out someone new is cannabis friendly, there’s an instant bond, camaraderie, and a feeling of comfort.

“For those who do partake, it’s important their partner or potential partner do that as well,” said Tina Allman, the Speed LA Dating office manager who oversees events in 18 cities throughout the U. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of crowd comes in.” Speed LA’s events are known for being casual, chic and informal, according to user reviews. We don’t like to do much more than that, because it can be overwhelming to meet so many people over the same night.

And perhaps most importantly, the company will have an even number of men and woman at the 420-friendly event — regardless of pot’s patriarchal stereotype. If this one is successful, we could do one a month, especially in the warmer months. I thought (there would be more men than women interested), but right now the female response is higher than the male response.

age, sex, distance, hobbies), the one filter unavailable is “cannabis-friendly.” Users who want to make that known have to write it in their profile upfront unless they use a cannabis-specific dating app like 420 Singles, My 420Mate, or High There.

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As a Christian dating site we believe that marriage is a sacred covenant between man and woman, ordained by God as part of His divine plan for each of us. God says in Genesis : "It isn't good for man to be alone; I will make a companion for him, a helper suited to his needs." God himself brings people together according to his timetable.… continue reading »

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