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Under certain environmental conditions, post-depositional diagenetic loss of bone collagen can severely reduce the number of bones from a particular archaeological site that are suitable for stable isotopic analysis or radiocarbon dating.

This study examined nearly 300 bones from 12 archaeological sites across southern England known to yield poor or variable preservation to try to identify one, or more, pre-screening technique(s) that would indicate suitable collagen preservation for radiocarbon dating.

14 C Biobased Product Testing (ASTM D ) 14 C and δ 13 C 14 C and δ 13 C Method B (AMS) C (LSC) 2 4 weeks 7 days 4 days 0 0 0 please inquire University System of Georgia and Emory University Prices, please inquire Plasma Chemistry Analytical Services 2 4 weeks 3 days 1 day ICP OES (1 element) ICP OES (20 element) ICP OES (27 element) 0 ICP MS (1 element) ICP MS (20 element) 0 ICP MS (27 element) 0 ICP OES & ICP MS (27 element) same sample 86 Sr/ 87 Sr $ Pb/ 206 Pb/ 207 Pb/ 208 Pb 0 0 0 0 University System of Georgia & Emory University 0 0 XRF Analytical Services 2 4 weeks 3 days 1 day* Major Elements by WD-XRF Trace Elements by ED-XRF Obsidian & other volcanics (non-destructive) Obsidian & other volcanics (student projects) Obsidian source samples no charge Other rock types (non destructive) Pigments (non destructive) Metals & Alloys Qualitative Composition MINIMUM CHARGE: 0 * when possible, call ahead to inquire University System of Georgia and Emory University 30% discount Natural Products Authenticity Testing Sample Size 2 3 weeks 7 days 4 days 14 C and δ 13 C 5 g 0 0 $ C, δ 13 C and δ D 5 g 5 0 0 University System of Georgia and Emory University Prices, please inquire Stable Isotope Analytical Services Sample 2 3 weeks Compound Specific GC/IRMS δ 13 C ( 5 compounds) 0 Compound Specific GC/IRMS δ 13 C ( IRMS δd IRMS δ 13 C & δd IRMS δ 13 C & δ 15 N IRMS δ 18 O IRMS δ 13 C & δ 18 O carbonates IRMS δ 18 O & δd water IRMS δ 13 C or δd water IRMS δ 13 C pre-extracted bone collagen IRMS δ 13 C & δ 15 N pre-extracted bone collagen IRMS δ 13 C pre-extracted bone bioapatite IRMS δ 13 C & δ 18 O pre-extracted bone bioapatite IRMS Ammonium Diffusion δ 15 N water IRMS Nitrate Diffusion δ 15 N water IRMS Lipid Urea δ 15 N & δ 13 C includes extraction IRMS δ 15 N & δ 13 C includes % element Total %N & %C Total %S animal tissue organic/inorganic ready to analyze organic/inorganic ready to analyze organic/inorganic ready to analyze Water Quality Sample 2 3 weeks Fluorometer chlorophyll a Fluorometric NH4 water quality Colorimetric NH4-N water quality Colorimetric NO3-N water quality Colorimetric PO4 P water quality Colorimetric dissolved organic N water quality Colorimetric dissolved organic P water quality Colorimetric silicates water quality DIC dissolved inorganic C water quality DOC dissolved organic C water quality Total dissolved C water quality TIC total inorganic C water quality TOC total organic C water quality Ion Chromatography - acetate water quality Ion Chromatography - bromide water quality Ion Chromatography - carbonate water quality Ion Chromatography - chlorate water quality Ion Chromatography - chloride water quality Ion Chromatography - chlorite water quality Ion Chromatography - fluoride water quality Ion Chromatography - formate water quality Ion Chromatography - nitrate water quality Ion Chromatography - nitrite water quality Ion Chromatography - sulfate water quality Sample Preparation processing, drying & grinding subsample microgram weighing filtering (0.45 micron membrane) filtering (glass fiber filter) freeze drying (lyophilization) Method 10071 NITROGEN, TOTAL, Test N Tube (0.0 to 25.0 mg/l N) TNT Persulfate Digestion Method For water and wastewater 1. Review how moles are utilized in chemistry to measure amounts of elements. Introduce how to find the number of grams in one mole of a compound More information Summer Assignment Coversheet Course: A. Chemistry Teachers Names: Mary Engels Assignment Title: Summer Assignment A Review Assignment Summary/Purpose: To review the Rules for Solubility, Oxidation Numbers, More information Chemistry Chapter 7 Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds Heart cell rhythm depends on the opening and closing of a complex series of valves on the cell membrane, called ion channels. To identify the products of chemical reactions and write balanced equations for those reactions.

Some valves let More information Ionic Reactions in Aqueous Solutions Prelab Name Total /10 SHOW ALL WORK NO WORK = NO CREDIT 1. More information Application Note 36800211 Effect of Particulate Matter on Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysis of Environmental Water Samples Keywords ASTM D 7573-09 Aurora 1030 TOC Analyzer 1030S Solids Module Dissolved More information List of most important methods of analysis performed at Solvias, with amounts of substance Typical elements/tests Method/description Amount of substance C, H, N, S Total contents, individually or combined More information SCOPE OF ACCREDITATION TO ISO GUIDE 09 SCP SCIENCE 21800 Clark Graham Baie d'urfe, Quebec H9X 4B6 CANADA David Smith Phone: 5 [email protected] MATERIAL PRODUCER Valid To: More information Experiment 2 Identification of a Compound: Chemical Properties Introduction Chemists and scientists in general, develop and design experiments in an attempt to understand, explain, and predict various More information Chapter 8: Chemical Equations and Reactions I. A chemical reaction is the process by which one or more substances are changed into one or more different substances.

Excessively long ultrafiltration time was suspected to have contaminated the bone samples with material from the ultrafilter, because those samples exhibited older C ages of unfiltered gelatin extracted from well-preserved bones can be sufficiently accurate, and that care should be taken not to contaminate bone gelatin during ultrafiltration.

Beta Analytic uses Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) technology, which gives the most advanced precision and accuracy for carbon-14 measurements.

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We may seek recovery of partial or full cost of laboratory treatment/analysis up to the point of failure. More information The Various Analytical Techniques for the Analysis of Sodium Chloride in Food Samples and Their Advantages and Disadvantages Mike Philpott B. Analytical Chemistry Division, Institute for Soil, More information Branch General analytical laboratories; water analysis Keywords Water analysis; standard methods; ASTM; DIN; ISO; USP; EPA; SLMB; EN; SCA; titration; ion chromatography; voltammetry; branch 1; branch 2 More information SOIL, WATER AND PLANT TESTING LABORATORY Room A319, Natural and Environmental Sciences Building 200 West Lake Street Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1120 Effective January 1, 2009 Analytical Services Provided More information Teaching Tips for Lesson 17: Formula Weights Game Plan: A. Fukushima The Search for Extractants I Clay surface-som interface Simple structure More information Ionic Bonding Content Objectives SWBAT describe the process of ionic bonding due to some atoms removing electrons from other atoms to reach the Octet Rule and then attracting to each other due to electrostatic More information PURPOSE EXPERIMENT 5: CHEMICAL REACTIONS AND EQUATIONS To perform and observe simple chemical reactions.However, as with any dating technique there are limits to the kinds of things that can be satisfactorily dated, levels of precision and accuracy, age range constraints, and different levels of susceptibility to contamination.

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