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21-Oct-2016 16:33

The last few episodes have been a well-written, often hilarious mess, but a mess nonetheless. But by the end of “When Do I Get To Spend Time With Josh? Crazy Ex accomplishes this feat in less than two hours mostly by slamming the accelerator on its several subplots: Scott cheats on Paula and gets thrown out of the house, leaving an opening for Rebecca to come back into the Proctor household.So it’s no surprise that last night’s twin episodes, aired consecutively, weren’t always fun. ” Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has finally gotten itself spick and span. Anna breaks up with Josh because he’s too earnest and uncool, sending the Chan Man running straight back into Rebecca’s arms.Some of these stories are handled better than others and certain plotlines—like the Paula-Scott separation—feel rushed but this is exactly the kind of reshuffling the show needed post-Greg.But instead of focusing on the bad, let’s consider what’s so terrific about the results of that reshuffling.

Sound off on the 2017 Emmys in Gold Derby’s fun and feisty forums Click on any link below to be taken to a video of that song’s performance, courtesy of CBS Studios: “Let’s Have Intercourse” – performed by Scott Michael Foster “It Was A S**T Show” – performed by Rachel Bloom “Ping Pong Girl” – performed by Vincent Rodriguez III, Pete Gardner, and David Hull “Maybe This Dream” – performed by Donna Lynne Champlin “Remember That We Suffered” – performed by the entire cast “Friendtopia” – performed by Bloom, Hull, and Gabrielle Ruiz “You’re My Best Friend” – performed by Gardner “(Tell Me I’m OK) Patrick” – performed by Bloom Predict the Emmy nominees now; change them until July 13 Be sure to make your Emmy predictions.

” asks Kathryn Burns, choreographer of the hit musical comedy TV series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.